New dance clothes

I just got my package from Discount Dance–the most inexpensive black leotard and some footless black tights. (I’m hoping I’ll get into beginning modern dance, Theater 40A, this fall.) I just ordered whichever sizes I thought would work, so as soon as I got the package I tried them on. Getting into them was interesting, because they’re both so tight. It’s been probably fifteen years since I last wore a leotard? 🙂 But I’m wearing them both now because they’re soooo comfortable! I thought my workout clothes felt good, but these take the cake. And they don’t look horrible (yay for black clothes!). They feel like… like being naked, but with support. And I mean all over, not just the obvious places that need support. 😉 Too bad I’m in my apartment, not at home, otherwise I’d take a picture and post it. 🙂

Even if I don’t get into dance, I’ll wear this outfit to yoga. It’s so comfortable!

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