Point Reyes hike

I went hiking this weekend with Erik and one of his former coworkers, Gregory, and a bunch of Gregory’s friends. We went to Point Reyes, in Marin, which is a really pretty place situated near a bunch of cute little bed and breakfasts and little towns. 🙂 Gregory is a little nerdy looking but he is amazingly fit when it comes to hiking. He kept a fairly quick pace and was apparently never tired enough to stop, so we hiked for four hours almost without stopping. I felt like the dust of ages was accumulating in my mouth. But–I didn’t get dehydrated or sunburned, and I’m not as sore today as I was after yoga last time. 🙂 And thanks to yoga, I didn’t get out of breath at any point. (Even though sometimes after snapping a photo I had to run to catch up with the group again!)

We were going to come straight home in time for dinner, but after four hours’ walking around we were much too hungry to go straight home! So Erik and I went back to my apartment and took showers to get off all that dirt and dust and sweat, then had a great dinner at Joshu-ya. 🙂 You know how good a hot meal feels after you’ve been tired and dirty and exercising? That miso soup tasted like the best thing ever. And I’m sure their tempura is crisper than it used to be… mmm… sushi…

After dinner we were going to go back home, but then it just felt too good to be sitting in one place, with no shoes on… so we spent the night in Berkeley. ;b

And now I’m back home and have posted some of the photos of our hike. 🙂

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com. The original photo gallery is no longer online, but I’ve uploaded some of the photos below.]


The trailhead




Into the forest