too cute!

From the June 2003 issue of National Geographic:

When Rachel Anderson, then 13, was featured in a May 1993 Geographic article about her family’s life as traveling beekeepers, a friend teased her: “Some guy will read this, come to work with you, and fall in love with you.” Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Melody Drake saw the story and pointed it out to her 13-year-old son, Richard, who was interested in bees and had been begging for a hive of his own. “Look,” she told him, “these beekeepers have a daughter your age.”

Sure enough, Rachel and Richard both ended up at Weimar College, a tiny Seventh-day Adventist school in California. She mentioned that she was a beekeeper’s daughter-“it’s a great conversation starter,” she says. “Later his mother said to him, ‘I bet she’s that girl from the National Geographic article.” Rachel and Richard began dating, and he eventually did work for her father, tending the family bees. Things took their natural course, and the two were married on April 8, 2001.

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