Kristin Kreuk and other topics

Today has been a moderately busy day (read: I did something other than cook, eat and sleep), my first in more than a week. I got up, did my usual thing, then argued with Erik about Kristin Kreuk (not argued-argued)–can someone please explain what it is with her? All the girls I know think she’s not unpretty but is certainly not cute enough to be canonized by the male population. All the guys I know just drool over her. One guy in my Chinese class went as far as to do a presentation on “Kristin Kreuk, most beautiful girl in the world.” Erik tried to explain her charm, but I think he might be too patient and levelheaded to have a good argument with. Either that, or I just refuse to understand what’s special about Ms Kreuk. Whatever! Leave comments with your opinion!

At noon I had lunch with Shane (former French teacher) and Dorit (former classmate in French class) at Cafe Durant. I enjoyed my grilled cheese sandwich with alfalfa. Just what I wanted. It was really fun to see them both again. I also got both their takes on grad school. I’m starting to think I may want to take a year or two off before applying to grad school… a “gap year” as Cathy calls it (or is that what everyone calls it in England?). I don’t know if this is a result of my reaching some greater point of maturity in my scholarly career, or that I’m just having too much fun right now not studying… but this does merit some thinking.

After lunch I visited with Prof Nylan, then made my way to Morrison to return my Stravinsky score (sniff… I’ll miss it) and to check out a new score to work on. I’ve been missing Impressionists, so I got Debussy’s Isle of Joy (L’Isle Joyeuse), which is pretty and lilting and has lots of little themes I like. Then I went to the practice rooms for half an hour to try it out. It shouldn’t be too bad. Lots of trills. But my hands should hold up. There are also a whole bunch of pieces I’ve started in the past and have never finished, so maybe I’ll do some of those. I’m feeling very musicky right now because of my playing, and also because I reread Garrison Keillor’s The Sandy Bottom Orchestra the other day (now I’m starting to think Angie and Fred would be good names for a pair of cats–read my book recommendations list and then get the book!), and also because Erik and I have been going over the series descriptions for the San Francisco Symphony for next season to decide what we want to subscribe to. It’s tough to narrow it down, but I think we’re going to go with the Thursday B series. And we might add on some other concerts too throughout the year. In particular, I’m really excited about Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto, because it’s one of my favorites (there are sound clips–of dubious but bombastic quality–on the linked page).

I’m craving really good cold-smoked salmon on toast…

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