The restaurant critic moves to the field of music

I’ve been playing a lot of great music tonight, mostly 50s-70s stuff. You know when you get into one of those moods where music is just really provocative? You hear something sad and you want to cry, or you hear something deep and you start really thinking? Apparently I’m in one of those moods, because I’m just so into my music tonight!

People like to post ‘songs to download’ lists and I’ve never, ever downloaded songs that were on someone’s list because I never know what I’m going to get. Well, in case you’re the kind of person who does download other people’s music (and I assume there must be some of you out there who read this), then here’s what really moved me today. I always wish other song-listers would write out something of what songs sound like and why they like them, so I’ll be more willing to give them a listen. So I’ve done that here… go listen to them, then tell me what you think! I’m always interested in what songs evoke in other people. My own reactions are so specific.

Elvis Presley–November Rain
If I were missing someone, and I was articulate enough to say what I felt, it might sound like this. Okay, I’d have to be Elvis, too, but you get the idea. It really occurred to me while I was listening tonight that Elvis has a pretty amazing voice. I never noticed it before; after all ‘Jailhouse Rock’ isn’t the best showcase for vocal talent.

Jimi Hendrix–Angel
This is one of my very favorite songs. It’s just so… loving… sounding. Actually there was some magazine ad I saw once, for I think a CD burner, so they showed a new baby and the CD the proud daddy had made to commemorate the birth, and this song was on there. It has that kind of love in it, it seems to me.
Jimi Hendrix–Little Wing
I just love the words. They’re comforting.

Joni Mitchell–All I Want
This is another favorite. I really like Joni Mitchell, if you couldn’t already tell! For some reason I always think of Prof Nylan when I hear certain Joni Mitchell songs, and this is one of those songs. I think Prof Nylan has something of a poet’s spirit, and Joni Mitchell sometimes phrases things in really interesting, unusual ways that remind me of her.
Joni Mitchell–Blue
I really recommend this one for its dreamy feel. It’s a very floaty, ethereal song.
Joni Mitchell–Both Sides Now
This has such thoughtful words; this is how I feel sometimes… like I’ve learned so much about life, but I also realize I don’t know anything.

Led Zeppelin–Achilles’ Last Stand
This song has a really amazing kind of urgency to it. Er, it’s also ten minutes long.
Led Zeppelin–Going to California
This is one of the very best ‘driving songs’ I have ever heard. I once wrote a little thing about the way I mentally classify music. One category was danceable music, and another was what I called ‘driving music,’ music that goes really well with a solitary thoughtful drive or sitting together-alone in the backseat, thinking about life, while your parents are driving but ignoring you and your siblings have fallen asleep next to you. This is more of the drivers’ seat type, but it has backseat moments.

Okay okay enough for today. If this was helpful to you please tell me and I’ll do this more often. 🙂 I have TONS of eclectic music.

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