Finding the key

So Erik and I were riding on BART today to go to SF, and there were these two men who were speaking really loudly and commenting about all kinds of things. It was alarming because sometimes they were really loud and used words I prefer not to hear at such high volume in public places, but it was kind of funny too. Anyway, I spotted a key lying underneath the seat of one of the men, so I pointed it out to Erik, and since he was seated closer to them he waited for a suitable lull in their noise and then asked them very politely if it was their key. They were really pleased and thanked Erik profusely. They both wanted to shake his hand and praised him for, well, his goodness I guess. It was really funny. They went from being so angry and swearing a lot to being really grateful and nice. The strangest things really do happen on public transportation. I wonder why.

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