A to Z

Erik and I had a great time trying to come up with alphabetical sentences, both forward and backward, skipping XYZ because that would just get ridiculous. Someday I’ll write a book using this method.

And yes, this just goes to show how utterly strange we are.

Aardvarks Bite Cats, Dogs Eat Fish, Gerbils Hate Iguanas, Jackals Kill Lemmings, Monkeys Nip Octopi, Porcupines Quill Rabbits, So Therefore Ugly Vixens Win.

Wicked Vampires Used To Suck Ravenously, Quite Pathetically, On Newborn Monkeys’ Legs, Knowing Just Insidiously How Giant Feathers Emanate Dead Cows By Asphyxiation.
-Erik said, ‘Ah yes, monkeys aren’t born, just their legs.’ I took that to mean that the monkeys we see today are the same monkeys that have been around since the dawn of time, only that they give birth to new legs every couple of generations, but he clarified: legs are born, and arms and other parts all separately, and at the end you get an instruction manual so you can figure out how to put them all together.
-I said, I suppose if you’re emanating dead cows, it must be by asphyxiation!

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