Alas, I am one of those easily deluded readers/viewers/etc.

I just went to my sister’s musical theatre production of West Side Story, and I thought it was quite good. Okay, so Tony was completely melodramatic and they had to change high notes to low ones so he could reach. He tried, and the most moving scene of the play is when he’s already dead. So the band made some… interesting… additions. It’s a challenging score and they did a decent job with it. Etc etc. I enjoyed it and I’m glad I came back for it (though it means I’ll have to get up tomorrow morning at six to go back to Berkeley). And I really enjoyed seeing Shra (my sister). For some reason I’d thought she had a small role, but she was quite prominent, and positively cute.

I have to admit I cried at the end. The girl who played Maria was very convincing, and I got very into the performance. Not to mention I just can’t handle the sad parts of the soundtrack. To tell the truth, if I’m alone in my apartment, I can’t play ‘Somewhere’ without wanting to cry.

There’s a place for us, a time and place for us…

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