I’ve been having a nice day. I woke up feeling wonderful, so I did a little bit of both Pilates and ballet exercises, which of course made me feel even better. Then I went to class, and met Erik for lunch. We went to La Note (see earlier entries this month) and had the most glorious brunch. I ordered a side of French whole-milk yogurt, and it came in a little jar, which I washed and brought back with me. 🙂 Then I went to Prof Roth’s office hours, and on the way I ran into Prof Nylan. Prof Roth is really really nice and he was very enthusiastic about my paper topic (children in ancient Greece), so now I’m even more excited about it than before. Then, on my way out to meet Jennifer, I ran into Asal (I’d been thinking of her lately!) and while I was talking to Asal, my last-semester L&S GSI, Michael, came by, and I’ve missed him too so that was nice! Then I met Jennifer and we went to play with kitties at the humane society. The two new kitties we met today, Gabby and Toby, are huge fluffballs and sooooo beautiful. They were very nervous, and very subtle about showing enjoyment, but in the end they both let us pet them and seemed happy. And we met some of the doggies as well. After spending some time trying to figure out cats, I guess dogs’ eager friendliness is a relief. 🙂

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