thank goodness!

thank goodness, my headache’s going away finally. i haven’t gotten all that much sleep lately though my days have been rather intense, so i started to have a headache early this afternoon, on my way back to berkeley from home.

home was nice, not only for all the usual reasons, but because i went to the san jose symphony and heard a lovely performance by a young cellist. her name is han-na chang and she is absolutely fabulous. i was totally mesmerized. she not only had beautiful tone, but she was really fun to watch as well. she played a haydn cello concerto. it was so great my mind hardly wandered at all, which is really amazing considering how tired i was and my tendency to start pondering deep philosophical issues at orchestral performances.

han-na is only a year younger than i am, which could make me wonder what on earth i’m doing with my life and what i’m ever going to amount to… but, curiously, i feel no envy at all. more and more i’m coming to realize that fame and genius just aren’t necessarily things that i want out of life. yes, i’d love to be tremendously talented, and yes, i’d like to be known for something, but that can come later. i think fame and genius that manifests itself at an early age can be very debilitating to a person’s development. having to accustom oneself to a public life must be very difficult no matter at what point in life, but having to do so before one has even figured out one’s private life, or even one’s own self, can’t at all be healthy!

this afternoon i went to see the cuban national ballet with erik, ying, and lisa. it was really lovely. the last time i saw a ballet was many years ago, so this was new to me. it was fun to see it with someone who dances, especially since ying has taught me how to ’tilt’ so i now appreciate much more the difficulty of balletic motions. i really loved the performance. it was very long for a ballet — three acts as opposed to the usual two; one act lasts about forty minutes and there are intermissions in between — but the time flew by. i loved everything about it, the dancing, the music, the costumes, the scenery, the lighting… it was a lot funnier than i thought it would be. we bought rush tickets for only $5 and our seats were not bad at all: mezzanine, but center, and we were able to see everything.

an interesting thing is that although i loved everything about the ballet, i can also see how years of the ballet tradition could make one want to rebel against it and start something a little more natural, without all the artifice of costumes and scenery etc. i guess that might have been how modern dance got started.

now i want to take a class on ballet history, find out who started it all and why.

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