i adapted this from pallotta teamworks‘s kindness calendar, and i strongly urge everyone to go out and do it! i do, very frequently, and look at what a happy person i am. 🙂

At some point today, go get yourself an ice cream or frozen yogurt, or whatever it is that you love but often deny yourself. Get your favorite flavor. Be nice to yourself the whole way over, while you’re eating, and the whole way back. You’re a good person, you deserve it!

Don’t say you don’t have time. We never have time. Go get your ice cream. What’s the point of being nice to others if we forget to be nice to ourselves?

for me, it was an almond croissant this morning. it was lovely. i got to pane e cioccolata when it first opened, so the almond croissant the woman handed me was warm and flaky and absolutely heavenly. i smiled at her and she smiled at me, and i was very happy.

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