piano as catharsis

i love that word: catharsis. i also love its other incarnations, like: cathartic.

anyway, i just finished playing piano for two hours in the practice rooms in morrison hall. my left hand is really really tired from all the octaves in the piece i played last (mendelssohn’s g minor piano concerto), but i feel great. i was lucky enough during the first hour to get a room with a grand piano — someone else had it reserved for two o’clock so i had to give it up at that time, but it was lovely while i had the chance to use it. i hope i’ll be able to continue playing piano on a regular basis — three times a week is good enough for me, but more would be even better — throughout the summer and during the school year as well.

i’m a little concerned about all those other things i wanted to do this summer. i don’t know if i’ll be able to do them. my lovely sather gate BEAP (see my earlier entries for more details. BEAP stands for Berkeley Experience Action Plan.) announces to the world that i wanted to accomplish these things during this summer: get in shape, explore tilden park, play piano more, learn to tango. i guess fifty percent isn’t bad! but i do want to explore berkeley some more and learn to tango — and i want to learn to capoeira (pronounced cah-poo-AY-rah, or, quickly, cah-PWAY-rah) and plan out my next three years at berkeley — so i can decide when i’ll have time to go abroad, whether i’ll have time to take art or music classes, etc.

*whew* that’s so much stuff! and, let’s see, what else do i want to do… i wanted to read more this summer, although i already read for fun more than anyone i know above the age of ten! i wanted to spend some more time working on the cross-stitch i started last semester. (by the way, the picture is what it will look like when it’s done, not what it looks like now!) i need to plan for the three-day.

side comment: what is with all those little tiny cameras they’ve been advertising all over the internet? ever since, oh, a few weeks or months ago, practically every single page i’ve looked at on the internet has had a pop-up or banner ad promoting these little wireless cameras. i’m sick of hearing about them!

side comment number two: i like digressing. one of these days i’m going to start writing in here with only one comment in mind, and i’ll just keep digressing and see where i end up.

so, did you like all the little links i embedded in here today? if you’re annoyed because they don’t open in new windows and you have to keep pressing the back button, sorry, i don’t know how to do new windows yet, but here’s a hint: if you right-click on the link instead of left-clicking, a little menu opens. select ‘open in new window’ and it will do just that!

anyway, that’s enough for right now. i’m going to go do a crossword puzzle in the twenty-five minutes before my shakespeare class starts!

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]