well i’m being quite the procrastinator tonight. i have loads of stuff to do tomorrow and for tomorrow, but so far i have: (1) taken a nap, (2) played literati and won, (3) looked up summer jobs online with very little luck, (4) looked up apartments online with only a little luck, (5) practiced my handwriting with lots of success, (5) read catalogs with my excuse being that i need to clear up space therefore i need to read and then throw out all my catalogs, and (6) checked my email probably about every fifteen minutes.

i have not procrastinated this badly in i don’t know how long. but it’s been fun. and… i enjoyed making that waste-of-time list so much that i will now make another one to show what i have to do tomorrow and for tomorrow. my goodness, what a big waste of time.

for tomorrow: (1) study for my portuguese test – i haven’t started yet, (2) plan out my schedule for next year since my tele-bears is tomorrow – i’ve sort of started but not really, (3) read several chapters of paradise lost – i dread this task most of all!, (4) plan out my schedule for tomorrow because it’s going to be a very busy day.

ooh ooh! i just thought of something! while i prove number four to you, i can also cross it off the list at the same time because i’ll be doing it! wonderful!

schedule for tomorrow

10-11 am. exame na aula de português. não esqueço de levar meu livro de exercícios.
11-12 noon. lunch with erikbug.
12 noon-1 pm. read paradise lost. this is procrastinating again since i won’t want to read it then any more than i do now, but oh well. it’ll save me some time tonight, a shortcut which i don’t deserve. 🙂
1-2 pm. english discussion. i’m supposed to get some kind of special treatment tomorrow since my group won a debate last week. i’m curious.
2 pm. go to clélia’s office to get josé miguel’s cd from her. yay!
2.30 pm. go to morrison to see if i can find carla; talk to her. return to clark kerr.
3.30 pm. logon for my tele-bears.
3.45 or so pm. go running, hopefully. shower.
4.30 or so pm. take no.7 bus to hopefully arrive around 5 pm at prof. sastry’s home in el cerrito. help prof. and mrs sastry with dinner.
6 pm. rest of Berkeley Experience students will arrive for dinner. this should be exciting.
7-8 pm. arrive back at clark kerr.
9.40 pm. leave for wheeler to see dancer in the dark, unless i’m too pooped — in which case i’ll go to sleep!

there, i guess that wasn’t too bad. sorry to bore you all with the details of my projected day 🙂

i’d better get started on studying now 🙂

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]