it’s been a long day but i do feel that it’s been somewhat productive. well, not right now or for the past few hours, but before dinner it was productive.

i’m still stressed, but i do feel better. i’ve stopped (sort of) having second thoughts about yesterday’s extravagant purchase (no, i didn’t tell you about it, and i’m not going to :}) and now i’m enjoying it. also, i just found out that i might get that summer sublet (adorable place… and cheap!) i wanted! so things are looking up.

i’m happy to report things seem to be looking up for my roommate, too. she was having a very very bad day/week/month/semester but she’s feeling somewhat better today i think. so rain brings good news, apparently.

oh oh and shra made me an anti-stress collage! 😀 it’s very nice. 😀 thank you shra 😀 (and brian too :})

and i love clélia 🙂 my português 101b teacherperson. she’s so nice. today i was sitting outside dwinelle and i saw her sitting across from me. i waved at her and she came over and talked to me. she made me feel so happy… told me that i’m “speaking so well” and reassured me that the native spanishspeakers don’t have that much of an advantage over the rest of us. 🙂 it’s really nice when someone who has done so many things that i would love to do (basically someone i wouldn’t mind being, i guess), talks to me one on one as if they were really interested in my life.

speaking of people i admire, i haven’t heard from sra. renard in a while. i hope everything’s going well for her in switzerland and that i hear from her soon! hehe i can say that in the subjunctive (em português): espero que tudo vá bem para ela, e que receba algumas notícias dela. hmm, wonder if i’ve still got my spanish. espero que todo vaya bien para ella, y que receba algunas notícias de ella.

i feel like saying this word: criança. (it means child in portuguese.)

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com. This was one of my earliest posts; I’m not making all of them public.]