i’m done with my paper now!

but… i wish i could just have one more day to work on it. not one more day of massive cram-writing, nonstop for hours and hours, but just one more normal day of class and whatever other activities and then a few hours of writing after dinner. *sigh* i like this paper so much i wish i could polish it more.

i’m going to try to get up a bit earlier tomorrow morning to polish it some more before going to class. i hope i can wake up on time. good night! 🙂

(ps. why does the ‘exhausted’ face look like it’s sleeping? i’m not exhausted when i’m sleeping, i’m very happy indeed! i’m exhausted when i don’t have a chance to sleep! you’d think they’d know that…)

[note, 4/10/14: Imported from my old blog at This was one of my earliest posts; I’m not making all of them public. The postscript refers to a LiveJournal animation.]