Pandemic journal: Day 9

Sunday, March 22, 8:54 AM

Day 9 of voluntary social distancing, Day 6 of mandatory shelter-in-place, Day 3 of statewide shelter-in-place

N’s birthday

Theme of the week: nourishment 

I’m gearing up for EL’s Zoom writing workshop so here’s yesterday in a nutshell. Owl and I re-enacted our usual Saturday morning dance class and it was shockingly fun and I wished I could have shared this with our teacher. I had a miserable stomach after lunch. I was sad. E and I had a meeting and I felt so deeply tender just to be checked in with. N texted me. While I was feeling so raw SD texted me about feeling so sad and missing friends and I texted back that I was literally crying about that exact thing, so we FaceTimed and it was exactly right — and a strong repudiation of what I wrote yesterday, that there’s no one I can reach out to when I’m truly down. I set up a Zoom social for preschool parents and no one showed up for half an hour but then we had a lively party and it was great, mostly upbeat though reality made itself felt several times; JH stayed on the chat after everyone else had gone to bed and we talked for awhile and I went to bed feeling much better. 

Sending loving thoughts to those who are reaching out and supporting others.