An interview and a challenge

Two links for you today, which I hope you’ll investigate:

First: Last week Bani Amor interviewed me for her blog, Everywhere All the Time. That interview is now online. It’s part of her amazing Dispatch series of conversations with travelers of color. I have never been an avid reader of travel writing, and reading these interviews has helped me see the connection between that and my distaste for the entitled tourists I saw around the world (not to mention my feelings about power/visibility imbalances here at home). I wish I’d been able to read these dispatches before I started traveling, especially this one with Fly Brother, and this one with MsMovingBlack.

If you’ve been following my travels on this blog, I hope you’ll visit Bani’s site and read my interview there. You’ll see a different perspective on my travels than what I wrote about here.

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Second, and this is for writers (or your friends, if you know writers!): I’m doing a new series of writing prompts, starting this Sunday. In contrast to my previous series, which were more open-ended, this one asks writers to write daily for 21 days on a particular topic that they find challenging. As always, the prompts are free and I don’t reuse emails for other purposes. Read more or sign up here.