Hawaii: Mauna Kea Beach

It’s been raining off-and-on in Waimea for the past few days. This morning the breeze-blown chilly fine mist drove me indoors while I tried to do my usual outdoor morning pages.

But the Big Island is a place of contrasts, and only 20 minutes away from here is the second-driest place in the US (after Death Valley). We headed out there yesterday to Mauna Kea Beach, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It fronts the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, but there is public access.









I spent my time on the beach writing, but Erik made a drawing:


And here is the closest thing I can give you to the beach itself: 46 seconds of waves and view.


12 responses to “Hawaii: Mauna Kea Beach

    • I did enjoy the sun, though it left us both with a bit of a burn. Thankfully our skin is recovering now! And thank you for the compliments on Erik’s drawing — he’s really a good artist. 🙂

  1. Lisa
    thanks for sharing the images. i was thinking…this woman is getting lots of sun! i hope her skin is coping 😀
    happy sunning; glad your skins are healing

    • Hee. Yes, and there’s nothing like a burn to make me more vigilant about sunscreen. ;b It’s funny to get so much sun and yet it’s not always warm here — this morning I’m wearing merino long underwear and a silk scarf to sit outside (because the breezes are so chilly)!

    • Ha, yes, this was definitely the most stereotypically “relaxing island holiday” thing we did while here. 🙂 And since I’m not much of a beach person, the once was enough for me!

      I like Erik’s drawings too, always. 🙂

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