Sunny Paris

The sun came out yesterday! And today too! After weeks of clouds, this is very exciting. Also it makes everything look even more beautiful.

Building next to Jardin du Luxembourg

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We have been doing some random wanderings, but for now I’ll just share some photos of the Jardin du Luxembourg. I can’t get over how lovely it is in the sunshine.

Luxembourg Palace (home of the Senate)

Apparently I’m not alone in this sentiment; the park was full of people, young and old, enjoying the fine weather and the beauty of the place.

Gardens in front of Luxembourg Palace

Luxembourg Palace gardens

Luxembourg Palace (home of the Senate)

There’s a museum in one corner of the gardens (I’m going to visit it on Friday), and there’s also the Luxembourg Palace, now home to the French Senate.

Luxembourg Palace with flowers and statuary around

While we strolled the grounds, we stopped to watch a crow find a snack: it fished a big McDonald’s bag out of a trash bin, then tipped it onto the ground, revealing smaller bags. It picked up one of the small bags by a corner and then suspended it upside-down so the burger and fry boxes came tumbling out. It  investigated each of these in turn, sticking its head into the fry container and then opening the boxes one by one. The last of these had something in it, and the crow began to dine. Clever bird.

Crow eating out of a McDonald's burger box

From a stop near Luxembourg we caught a bus to Montmartre. By the end of the longish ride, the sun had retreated again, and we saw the Sacré-Coeur and its view of Paris under a grey haze. But that’ll be a post for another day.

Jardin du Luxembourg