First post from Toronto

We left our family friends’ home yesterday and came to our sublet in Toronto. The apartment is so gorgeous and comfortable, and the neighborhood so interesting and inviting, that it just blows my mind. We’ve only walked around it a little bit so far — mostly in an “OMG I can’t believe we get to stay here!” daze — but here’s what I’ve pieced together:

Aerial view of our neighborhood, borrowed from Google Maps and altered!

Korean fast-food dinner

First Toronto meal -- last night's dinner (Erik's jampong hadn't yet arrived)

Seriously, it’s an amazing place — we are on a residential side street that is so lovely and quiet, but we’re a mere few minutes’ walk from a busy street abounding in shops, restaurants, and other points of interest. We’re equidistant from two subway stops and fifteen minutes from the University of Toronto. The apartment has so many books (that I’d actually want to read) I could skip the library if I wanted, and there’s a stand mixer, a midcentury dining table in a beautiful warm wood, and a compost bin. I keep waiting for some unforeseen complication to rear its ugly head… but in the meantime, why not enjoy?!

I’ll have more photos — and sketches — as we continue to explore, but for now, here’s one I made shortly after we arrived in Canada.

Sketch of people I saw when I first got to Toronto