Keeping my hand in

All our recent packing has prevented me from giving much time or energy to my writing or painting. Luckily, there is still a lot I can do to keep my thoughts and inspiration active. As I’ve known for a while, creative work does not only have to be generative (output); foundational work (artist dates, reading, etc — the input) is also vital.

Vday teaser1

A lot of the socializing I’ve been doing lately has been with artists, so I feel very connected to my work even though I haven’t touched most of my projects. At Kuukua‘s place on Sunday, nearly all the guests were writers. I’ve had several lovely Skype and gchat conversations with Sarah. This weekend I’ll get together again with my IWL classmates… and I’ve had plenty of other encounters, too. Sometimes we’ve talked about things directly pertaining to art — like how to find an agent, or the importance of wide-ranging inspiration — but actually what I like best about hanging out with artists is just the acceptance of art as a life focus. There’s no need to defend our career choices or explain the non-linearity of the process. Since Sunday I have been thinking I should try to find writers’ groups I can drop in on while we are traveling. Sometimes touching base with a creative community is just as important as doing the work.

As to the work itself, this blog is about all the writing I’ve been doing for the past month, but I have managed a little painting (and oh, it felt good to get back to it). I can’t show you the finished product until next week, because it’s my annual Valentine, but the two images in this post are teasers.

Vday teaser2