Open Mic Friday! you talk: how are you?

Happy last Friday of the Rabbit Year, esteemed friends, and welcome to the Open Mic! If you’re new here, on Fridays we get together here for some chat. (Sometimes there’s a guest artist instead.) The topic varies from week to week, but everyone is welcome to participate in the comments.

This week, as regular readers know, I’ve been busy packing and preparing for our upcoming move. Actually, in spite of the busyness, I’ve managed to do a lot of visiting (including hanging out with some of you, in person!), but I’m reeling a little from all the running around. Maybe you’ve had a similarly active week. Want to just sit for a little while with some tea (or a whiskey, if you’re so inclined) and catch up?

DIY satsuma candle

DIY satsuma candle I made this week -- click for directions!

In our second week of IWL workshop, over the summer, Jaime opened the meeting with something he called “Highlight, lowlight.” We all went around the table, sharing briefly the highlight of our week and the low point. Of course a busy week is actually a lot to look back on; some of us couldn’t remember what we’d done, so we just mentioned the incidents that came to mind first. And that is perfectly okay.

I’m aware your week might have contained a highlight and/or lowlight that you’re not willing to share with the internets. Just say whatever you like. I’ll be here, with my tea (Tulsi ginger with honey), listening.