Open Mic Friday! you talk: ask for it

Happy Friday the Thirteenth, dear loves, and welcome to the Open Mic! I can’t wait to chat with you in the comments.

Last week I got together with some writer friends and we were discussing our plans for this year. Ron, who was hosting, posed an interesting question: if you could make a request to the people around you, or to humanity at large, what would you ask for? (Well, this may not have been his exact question, but it’s my interpretation of it.)

I find it an intriguing question. We ask people for things all the time: hugs, favors, a cup of sugar, forgiveness. But wanting something, and being able to receive it, are two different things. The first time I heard my yoga teachers talk about a “receiving” practice, I thought this was hokey, but now I realize it’s profound. Just as you can give with a closed heart (grudgingly, carelessly, automatically) or an open one, you can receive in the same spirit: closed-down, taking the gift at its face value (or less) — or opened completely to receiving whatever it will become in you.

So what would you ask for? What could you rise to receive in the fullest spirit possible?

I realize this could be a very personal question, so no pressure to share if you’d rather not. Only, if the question does something for you, I hope you’ll comment on that even if you don’t explain what you’d ask for. 🙂