Magic beans

Just in case you weren’t already convinced and marvelling at the magic of the natural world, check out these beans I found at the San Rafael farmers’ market last month.

Black-and-white calypso beans

Heirloom "calypso" beans, also called orcas or yin yang.

Aren’t they wonderful? It blows my mind how much they look like little killer whales… makes you wonder if Nature gets so attached to some of her creations, she wants to repeat them. πŸ˜‰

Heirloom calypso beans in hand

Did Jack grow the beanstalk with legumes like these?

Perhaps most amazing of all is that the beans retain their markings after they’re cooked. Erik’s mom made a salad from them, and while eating it I found this expressive specimen on my plate:

Bean with natural "face" markings

Don't eat me!

I really couldn’t quite bring myself to eat it… but Erik had no such qualms!

The beans came from Canvas Ranch, where they grow other equally striking heirloom beans (and some gorgeous purple bok choy). I had a nice chat with the farmer, Tim, when I bought the beans, and later I found out he’s a painter as well. Ahhhhhh.