Army of me

I meant to write a lot today but last night I was seized with a desperate desire to paint figures again — live skin and flesh and form, not magazine photos — so that’s what I did this morning. Having no willing model at hand except myself, and only one well-lit full-length mirror, it was no easy task.

One of the eleven

Small me sketching

A couple of hours later I had eleven sketchy self-depictions and a hankering to put them together. I was thinking that a small crowd of me’s, all busily working (and with self-accusing stares), would be an accurate representation of my mindset lately… only I couldn’t figure out an elegant way to collage them (and I should have used the same kind of paper for all the sketches). Another few hours later, I’m left with this awkward Photoshop job and a vague sense of mingled satisfaction and displeasure. Sometime I will figure out just what I want to do with this idea — and how to go about it — and I’ll give it another shot.

The text is two favorite quotations (from Rilke and Martha Graham)... backwards.

Army of me