Open Mic Friday! you talk: seasonality

Happy happy Friday, fabulous ones, and welcome to the Open Mic! Guest posts will return next week with words (and our first video?) from Seth Bogner. For today, let’s talk. If you’re new here or have forgotten how this works, when we don’t have a guest post, I pose a question and we all discuss in the comments. Ready? Here we go!

Okay, I know that you all in other parts of the world are well into the fall season. But around here — or is it only because I was in Asia for two weeks? — it’s just starting to feel properly autumnal. As autumnal as the Bay Area gets, anyway.

Suzhou hand embroidery

Suzhou hand-embroidered panel. (We saw one very like this, in Hong Kong.) From

My question to you is: what does the change in seasons do for you? Do you get excited about the new plants (or lack thereof), new produce, new holidays? Or do you get climate change-induced migraines and begin to long for the season that just passed?

Feel free to discuss this season in particular, or any seasonal thoughts at all. (I can’t read the word seasonal without thinking of a typo on the menu of a local Cantonese restaurant: “special soup (seansonal)”.)

Comments are open all weekend. See you there!