Twenty questions

Last Monday’s writing prompt was twenty questions.

  1. What happens to my thoughts after I die?
  2. Will we ever meet again, after we’re gone?
  3. Is it fair to love two people at once?
  4. Does everybody pick their nose?
  5. If we all sniffed each other’s butts, like dogs, would we learn something about each other?
  6. What do they put in this tea to make the muscat flavor so strong?
  7. Does anyone have a crush on me?
  8. Why am I so easily embarrassed when it’s not my fault?
  9. Is world peace possible?
  10. Do I smell funny to other people?
  11. How can I get stains out of my white towels, without bleaching them?
  12. Why do we throw so much stuff into landfill?
  13. What are other people’s sex lives like?
  14. Do we ever really grow up?
  15. Who will my friends be in twenty years?
  16. (When) will the court send me the courtesy notice about my traffic ticket?
  17. Am I ever going to be famous?
  18. Where should I settle down?
  19. Is my grandpa happy?
  20. What is it like to be Lyapa?