Open Mic Friday! you talk: getting to know yourself

Happy last Friday of August, my dears, and welcome to the Open Mic! Guest posts resume next week with photography and words from Kim Manley Ort. Today, let’s talk.

Girl sitting with crossed legs

Drawing from September 2004

This week I’ve been reading David Whyte’s The Three Marriages, which looks at our lives as composed of three “marriages”: to another person, to our work or career, and to ourselves. Everyone knows (or I hope they do!) that marriage takes work, and that our careers will also take their ups and downs. But I don’t think we always talk about what it’s like to get to know ourselves, to slowly build up that trust and camaraderie, to weather challenges and fully commit to that complex soul that is so often unknown and unpredictable even to us. It’s certainly not something I thought much about, growing up; I always just thought I was me and that was that, but it never occurred to me that me was someone to get to know in as much thoroughness as I’d want to know a partner or a dear friend.

I’d like to know, today, what do you do to get to know yourself? How do you explore the vast depths beneath that superficial understanding of who you are? Or maybe you don’t — what stops you?

The comments are open all weekend. See you there!