Open Mic Friday! you talk: music and emotions

Happy Friday, dearest ones, and welcome to the Open Mic! If you’re new here or have forgotten how this works, when we don’t have a guest post, I pose a question and we all discuss in the comments. Ready? Here we go!

"Mutts" comic

An old “Mutts” strip

A little more than a month ago there was a conversation on The Story River about songs that evoke emotions (especially sadness and melancholy). I had a lot of fun listening to the others’ song recommendations, and sharing some of my own. Last weekend, at a jazz performance, I remembered this post and realized I don’t think we’ve ever had a music post on the Open Mic. What a travesty!

So, tell me which songs make you feel. What are your sadness songs? Your gotta-get-up-and-dance songs? Your go-to songs to break out into singing on a happy day out with a friend? Share your old favorites and new discoveries, the ones we all know and the ones we don’t. Let’s make some playlists!

The Norm Sunday comic

Sunday strip from “The Norm”

The mic stays open all weekend. See you in the comments!