Open Mic Friday! you talk: your name

Happy Friday, fellow travelers, and welcome to the Open Mic!

I’m still seeking artists for guest posts, but in the meantime, I am loving our discussions. If you’re new here or have forgotten how the “you talk” mics work: I pose a question, we all talk in the comments. Feel free to reply to each other directly — engage a friend or a stranger!

Today I’m thinking about names, and I want to know more about yours (and about you). You have two options, based on exercises we did at IWL; feel free to choose one or do both.

Fancy lettering reading SHRA

Christmas gift for my sister, 2002

Question one: What is your name? Where does it come from, and who named you? What does it mean? Do you like it?

Question two: Describe yourself using words/phrases that begin with the letters of your name. For example, JANE might write judicious in use of adverbs, adores grape popsicles, never kissed anyone in public, elegant.

For each of these questions, feel free to use as many or as few of your names as you like (first, last, middle, nickname, etc).

Have fun!