Open Mic Friday! you talk: alternate selves

Happy Friday, dear friends, and welcome to the Open Mic! If you’re new here or have forgotten how this works, when we don’t have a guest post, I pose a question and we all discuss in the comments. Ready? Here we go!

Today’s question: What are the jobs you might have had, in an alternate universe? Who are your alternate selves?

Lisa as self, air hostess, businesswoman, witch, and retro librarian

I made a ridiculous drawing, just for you!

It’s an odd question and you are free to interpret it how you like, but in my mind it refers to the things I wish I could do but just can’t in this life. For instance, gymnastics: by the time I learned it existed, I was too old to start. But I love to imagine an alternate world in which backflips and upper-body strength are mine for the enjoying. Also: I don’t have the voice to be an opera singer, though that’s another alternate self I like to think about. Or DJing: it’s something I don’t have time for now, but intend to take up should I ever (god forbid) lose my sight. How about you?

The mic stays open all weekend. See you in the comments!