Open Mic Friday! you talk: speak up

Happy last Friday of July, friends, and welcome to the Open Mic! If you’re new here or have forgotten how this works, when we don’t have a guest post, I pose a question and we all discuss in the comments. Ready? Here we go!

empty cartoon speech balloon

This week I’ve been thinking about public speaking. So many people are terrified of it; as the oft-quoted statistic goes, Americans fear public speaking more than illness or death. (Word of the day: glossophobia.) I consider myself luckier than most: public speaking makes me nervous, but not frightened. I attribute this to all the time I’ve spent in front of audiences: I’ve taught classes, I was in the speech and debate club in high school, and I performed in piano recitals and school plays from a very young age. I still get the dry-mouthed jitters, but I know I can deal.

My question to you is: how are you with public speaking? What about it scares you the most — what are you most afraid of? Or, if you’ve overcome anxiety about it, what helped you overcome it?

Don’t worry about speaking up here, where the mic is virtual and your blushes are yours alone. 😉 The mic stays open all weekend. See you in the comments!