Open Mic Friday! you talk: envy

Happy Friday and first of July, my dears, and welcome to the Open Mic! Later in July I’ll be welcoming some fun guest artists to our stage, starting with the IWL anthology next week. For today, let’s talk. If you’re new here or have forgotten how this works, I pose a question and we discuss in the comments. Ready? Here we go!

Since we started the week on a discussion of authenticity and feeling “enough,” I thought we’d end by further exploring that concept as it relates to our views of other people.

Sophia and Jayne

Love this photo!

First: Whom do you envy? Why? This can be a specific person, or it can be a generalized group of people who have certain attributes or lifestyles.

Second: Who might envy you? Why?

The mic stays open all weekend. Have at it!