Paintings from last night’s figure studio

Guess what? Remember when I said, months ago, that I was thinking of submitting some of my pencil drawings for publication in a book? One of them has been accepted! I’m so excited. If you have any suggestions for a new title for the drawing, I’d love to hear them!

Curiously enough, that same model was at the RAC again last night for the uninstructed figure drawing studio. I love drawing and painting her; she has such wonderful energy and a sense of humor about her poses and props. I’ve also signed up for the full summer term of the studio, so you will be seeing new life paintings from me every week until the beginning of August. Hooray!

Click on the images to see larger versions and more description, or check out all seven images from the evening’s session here.

Caps and suits

Caps and suits (two 10-minute sketches)


Spectator (20-minute pose)


Waiting (half-hour pose)