Some favorite blogs/sites

best-pie-deleteI got a “YES! I LIKE THIS!” blog award from Anna (the Girl in the Hat). I’m touched and honored, and I’m also very amused because Anna invented this award after receiving a slightly different one (The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award) from someone else. The original award came with four rules: (1) Thank and link to the person who nominated you, (2) Share seven random facts about yourself, (3) Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies, and (4) Contact those buddies to congratulate them. Anna didn’t follow the rules exactly (for good reasons which she explains), so her YES! I LIKE THIS! award puts me under no obligation to do anything. However, I will: of course I’m thanking/linking Anna, I love sharing random facts about myself, and I love sharing links. So I’m changing Anna’s no-rules award to my own award, which, in keeping with the pie theme of the original, also includes a picture of pie.
piecanSeven random things about me:

  1. I was born on a Saturday morning in December, and there was a rainbow.
  2. I can’t wink, curl my tongue, or whistle, though I have double-jointed pinky fingers and I can roll my r’s.
  3. Magentahair


    I love every color and almost every kind of music. My playlists are eclectic, my eyeshadow palette multi-chromatic.

  4. I want magenta hair, but I’m afraid to do it because (a) dyes are bad for you, (b) it’d look nasty when growing out, (c) it would freak out my grandpa and he’s too old for that, and (d) what if it looks terrible?
  5. I long for fun surprises (of the “Surprise and Delight” variety, flip through the preview), but rarely get them. Probably because I am also a bit of a control freak, and nobody wants to risk surprising me that way.
  6. I express my inner badass in tiny, subtle ways: black leather boots, driving with my windows slightly open playing “Highway Chile” rather loudly, a swagger so mild you could call it good posture.
  7. Β I swoon for papavers, letterpressed stationery, light airy rooms, dark chocolate flecked with granules of sugar/sea salt/cacao nibs, the scent of rose, hammered copper, contrast-stitched wool felt, and kitty head-butts.

And the award goes to these fifteen favorite blogs and websites, in no particular order:

  1. Girl griot for entries that make me think, converse, and then write
  2. Hyperbole and a Half for making me laugh maniacally
  3. Sparks in Shadow for creative camaraderie
  4. The Mouse Market for never-fail squee
  5. Christine’s Recipes for regular helpings of comfort food
  6. Spirited Bodies for constant figure-art inspiration
  7. Manta-Man for good sexy fun!
  8. Draw This Dress for new takes on vintage fashion
  9. b for bel for daily doses of delight
  10. Movies Over Matter for film reviews, old and new
  11. Unhappy Hipsters for snarky commentary on design
  12. Making This Home for green living and so much more
  13. Questionable Content for storylines I can’t get enough of
  14. High Expectations Asian Father for getting it, with love
  15. I Can Haz Cheeseburger for moar kittehs tahn i can shake a stick at

Ooh, I do so love making lists! I think I’ll do another one sometime, of the books I always keep on my nearest bookshelf.