Open Mic Friday! you talk: creative community

Happy first Friday of June, lovelies, and welcome to the Open Mic!

With the close of my recent writing workshop, I’ve been pondering the impact of creating with others (as opposed to creating alone). I’ve heard it said that writing is a lonely task; no matter how many groups you join, ultimately it still just comes down to you and your pen (or keyboard). But the rapid, communal character of the eight-week IWL workshop has definitely given me new inspiration and momentum.

Tell us about your experience: In whatever type of creating you do, do you feel your work is more a solitary act, or an act of community? And do these two necessarily have to be at odds?

Note to non-artists: If you are not an artist, but do regularly check in at this Open Mic, I’d appreciate you saying so in the comments. Lately I have been wondering whether to focus my “you talk” mics exclusively on questions for artists, but I don’t want to exclude anyone. So non-artist readers, please raise your hands!

And for you artists and friends of artists, I am now seeking Open Mic guest posts for the second half of the year. If you’ve been considering it, or know an artist who could use a new audience, I’m waiting to hear from you!