Open Mic Friday! you talk: colors

Happy Friday, dear loves, and welcome to the Open Mic! This is our first week in a while without a guest artist. In case you’re new or have forgotten how this works: I’ll pose a question, and we’ll discuss in the comments. They’re threaded so you can reply directly to what other people have written.

To be honest, I almost forgot to post today’s Open Mic because I was out writing with some of my IWL classmates. But our writing session gave me an idea for today’s “you talk” question. It’s less a question, actually, than an open-ended prompt for you to riff on anything that comes to mind. Open your memories and your senses… and see what emerges.

Decoupage mandala

Decoupage mandala, 2009

Choose a color: your favorite, or any color you like.

Now list everything this color makes you think of. Be as specific as possible, but your list doesn’t have to be concrete (i.e., a color can mean an emotion for you, or an experience).

Yep, it’s open-ended, right? Do whatever you like with this. Your list can be a straight laundry list or it can be a poem, or whatever. The idea is to get you immersed in all kinds of sensory and emotional details from your life — and then to share these details so we can all taste a little bit of each other’s lives.

I’ll share my list later, but don’t wait for me to get started! Commence!