The afternoon’s work

A satisfying piece of work:

Girl in frame

Girl in frame

Clicking the image will take you to flickr and a little more info about it.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a guest post by Fredrick Cloyd. Not only will it knock your socks off, but it’s also our first Open Mic that features a book excerpt! See you then!


10 responses to “The afternoon’s work

  1. OMG! (Please pardon the Val-Speak!) I love this one too! So much vibrancy, but not just the coloring — the life! I’m really digging your work.

    Can you paint/draw buildings? If so, if you ever feel like you want a diversion (like I sometimes like to write from an off-the-wall prompt) I’ve got a toddler book you could illustrate! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, FoldedFlat. 🙂 I’m still liking it a great deal too… I come back and look at it every few days, it feels like.

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