A second happy chair

Happy Chair

Happy Chair #1

About a year ago I went to an estate sale and came back with a chair I dubbed “the happy chair.” When I first found the chair, hanging out in a dressing area with a matching lamp, I was ambivalent. I didn’t like the print, the upholstery was tearing and fraying in places, and I had to carry the chair down a hill on my own — but it fit my body so perfectly that I really didn’t think I could say no to it. Now, months later, I’m so glad I didn’t. This chair is a home within my home. I love the print now, I’ve read so many great books in it, and it’s the source of many happy memories from the last months of Tisha‘s life. Truly a happy chair indeed.

New kneeling chair

Happy Chair #2

Last week, when my back started hurting, I went online and made a purchase I’d been putting off for years: a kneeling chair. It arrived today and I assembled it myself. It doesn’t fit my body as well as Happy Chair #1 — I wish the knee pads were higher — and I think I’m going to need to change the positioning of my keyboard and mouse, to accommodate the change in chair height, but the important thing is: my back is very, very happy with it. And that makes me happier too.

(And now that I’m no longer sitting in my previous office chair, Lyapa gets to sit in it, which she was always desperate to do. Another point for Happy Chair #2.)

Here’s another angle on me in the kneeling chair, which gives you a cool view of my computer workstation. The site I’m browsing is Mo’s at themousemarket.com. 😉

My workspace

My workspace

And one more photo to show the whole chair in use:

Kneeling chair in use

Kneeling chair in use