Open Mic Friday! You talk: inconvenient creative moments

Happy Friday, dear loves, and welcome to the Open Mic! Today’s guest post from Juanita Mantz has been rescheduled, but in the meantime you can (and should) check out Juanita’s awesome blog.

Nesting kitties

A scribble I made in 2005

For now, I’ll open discussion with some questions from RΓ© (posed months ago when we were first talking about doing a discussion-based Open Mic). I’m using them verbatim from her comment, because I think they’re so spot-on. She asks:

How do you harness the creative impulse when it strikes at an inopportune time? Does the random note or quick sketch get you back into the groove later, or do you sometimes lose it?

Artists, I know you’ve experienced this. Tell us about it!

As always, comments are threaded so you can respond directly to others — and I say, go for it! I’ll chime in sometime during the weekend, but don’t wait for me to get started. Converse!