Open Mic Friday! You talk: manifesting creativity

Happy Friday, wonderful readers, and welcome to our third discussion-based Open Mic! Join in the conversation at any time during the weekend, and invite your friends — the stage is open to all. Guest posts will return next week with flash fiction from Ja’Nese Dixon.


Last week we explored our toughest challenges, what holds us back in life. This week, let’s go in the other direction and uncover our impulses toward growth and creation.

First off, by way of introducing yourself to the group: Do you call yourself an artist (if you like, substitute writer, painter, dancer, etc)?

Second, regardless of your answer to the first question: How does creativity manifest itself in your life? Is it too much (you’re often overwhelmed by projects)? Is it too little (you know you’re creative but haven’t found the perfect outlet)? Or is it a good balance?

Get thee to the comments and share! Remember, comments are threaded so you can reply to others, and I encourage you to do so. Converse!