Open Mic Friday! You talk: sucking like a vacuum cleaner

Happy first Friday of March, my dears! Welcome to the second discussion-centered Open Mic. The first one was so much fun, I am looking forward to another weekend filled with your insightful comments and sparkling presence!

Today’s question explores our challenges, so I want to remind you not to beat yourself up. Science says that’s not helpful! Try to approach the question with curiosity and compassion, and remember that everyone has challenges; something that’s easy for you may be someone else’s problem area. Be as gentle and loving with yourself as you would be with a child, or with a dear friend.


Vacuum cleaners suck. The Roomba, from

So, my question: What would you say you are bad at? What do you have so much trouble with, that you will avoid it whenever possible? Maybe you have a long history with it, and the very thought of attempting it makes you groan. Name only one thing — the first thing that comes to mind to finish this sentence: “I really suck at _____.” What happened the last time you tried to do this thing? What would it mean to you to be able to do this thing successfully — or with at least a basic competency?

If you always think of this area in terms of “I suck,” can you shift that mindset? What if you approached it with an attitude of: “This is a difficult thing, and lots of people have trouble with it”? Would you see it differently? Would you act differently?

Go at it! Remember, the questions exist to serve you, so if they’re not doing so, turn them around and run with them however you please! I’ll chime in with my own answers at some point later, but don’t wait for me to get started. :) I especially encourage you to talk to each other (as always, comments are threaded so you can reply to them individually) so we really have a conversation and not just individual posts.

Have fun — and be good to yourself!