Open Mic Friday! You talk: introductions

Happy Friday, lovelies, and welcome to the first discussion-based Open Mic! Guest posts will return next week with some really beautiful graphic novel excerpts from Chad Sell, so be sure to come back on the 18th for those.

Today we’re trying something new: an open discussion! I have two questions for you, which I hope will serve to get us “introducing” ourselves in a more interesting way than standard introductions. (If you missed Wednesday’s post about responding even when you don’t like the questions, you might want to check it out before continuing!) This isn’t a test! The questions are here to give us a starting point and something to think about. If they don’t lead you anywhere, it’s up to you to lead them. 🙂

First: Imagine you get a chance to meet one of your favorite artists, in any field, living or dead. What’s more, you actually get to talk to them beyond that first thirty-second awkward gush of “Oh my gosh, I love your work!” What are you most burning to ask them — what intrigues you most about their person or their work — what is the single most important question you’d regret not asking them?

Articulate this question fully before moving on, so that my next question doesn’t influence your answer to this one.

Second: Imagine you are just walking around somewhere, and someone comes running up to you, all full of admiration and curiosity for you, and they ask you the same question you just asked your favorite artist. (Substitute specifics if you need to.) After you get over your initial shock at being approached in this way, how would you answer the question? Could you answer it? Do you wish you could give a different answer?

Go at it! Remember, the questions exist to serve you, so if they’re not doing so, turn them around and run with them however you please! I’ll chime in with my own answers at some point later, but don’t wait for me to get started. 🙂 I especially encourage you to talk to each other (as always, comments are threaded so you can reply to them individually) so we really have a conversation and not just individual posts.

Have fun!