Open Mic Friday: questions for you!

Welcome Year of the Rabbit, and welcome wonderful readers to an unusual Open Mic Friday! I don’t have a guest post today, so I’m taking the opportunity to ask for your feedback instead.

I began the Open Mic in August, and since then have featured more than a dozen very talented artists in a variety of media/genres. The Open Mic has received enthusiastic press and word of mouth, and has been a pleasure for me as well. But as you may know, I’ve had difficulty finding guest artists every week. I do have a few more amazing artists scheduled to do posts later this month or year, but not that many. I’ve told people about it (via email and in person), sent out a call in the VONA newsletter and on the Art of Hustle site, and asked previous guest artists to spread the word to their friends. I’m not sure I can spend much more time trying to recruit artists, so in the collective spirit of the Open Mic, I’m asking for your suggestions.

My main questions at the moment are:

(1) How can I find more guest artists without taking too much more time out of my week? I think I currently spend about 1-2 hours every week on finding and corresponding with guests artists.

(2) Would the Open Mic suffer if I had to reduce it to once a month, or every other week? I love that people know they can come here every Friday to experience new art, and I’m afraid that breaking that consistency would shrink the Open Mic’s audience.

I appreciate any feedback you leave in the comments! Or, if you prefer anonymity (or just enjoy taking surveys), I’ve prepared a 2-minute survey with more structured questions.

Thank you all, so deeply, for supporting the Open Mic and creative sharing!