Open Mic Friday! featuring the Sketchbook Project

Welcome, dear ones, to the first Open Mic Friday of 2011!

All this week I have been working on my book for The Sketchbook Project 2011, which I first introduced on this blog back in August. The format for the book is a slim, 40-sheet (80-page) Moleskine notebook with the theme “A Day in the Life.” I have to mail it out in a week, so I’m hurrying to finish it before then. I’ve paid for the project to digitize my pages after they receive the book, but I’m quickly scanning the pages myself too; my sketchbook is a tribute to Tisha, and I don’t want to lose it if it gets destroyed or lost in the mail. Here are a few of the scans. Click on the images to see larger sizes.

Sketchbook Project p11
My sketchbook – page 11
Sketchbook Project - p13
My sketchbook – page 13
Sketchbook Project - p18
My sketchbook – page 18

I’ve been uploading these pages to the Sketchbook Project’s flickr pool, a growing collection of about 2,000 pages from participating artists. It’s so inspiring and fascinating to see what people are doing with these flimsy little sketchbooks. Besides “A Day in the Life,” there are also many other themes, and artists are permitted to alter their books in a variety of ways. Here are some of my favorites that I found on flickr. Clicking on the images will take you to the artists’ larger-size images on flickr. If you like what you see, I encourage you to leave comments there!

Supermercado, Irene G Lenguas

"Supermercado" by Irene G. Lenguas

Coral Buddha, Gallery of the Absurd

"Coral Buddha" by Gallery of the Absurd

Forest Pop-Up, orangesparrow

"Forest Pop-Up" by orangesparrow

Dim Sum, Debra Morris

"Dim Sum" by Debra Morris

Chapter Three, Madzia Bryll

"Chapter Three" by Madzia Bryll

And here are a few more, by artists who requested that their images not be downloaded from flickr. Click the links to see their work.

“Untitled” by Huilin Dai

“Columbia River Gorge” by jrbmgarner

“In Memory of My Own Cat Moppel,” by K. Johanna Fritz

Feeling awed yet? Again, I encourage you to visit all these artists on flickr and leave comments!

I’m still looking for artists for guest posts on the Open Mic. Photos, videos, drawings, music, text — it’s all welcome. Check out past guest posts for examples and inspiration, and comment below if interested! Don’t be shy! Thank you for visiting.