Welcome 2011!

Happy New Year, my dears! After a mental rocky start to 2011 (more on that tomorrow), I’m feeling confident and optimistic about this year. It’ll be a good one, I am sure of it!

When last I wrote, I was considering “Don’t add, only take away,” as a New Year’s resolution. I woke up several mornings later and realized I could apply that rule to the resolution itself and end up with the pithier “Less is more.” Naturally, after a week of holiday meals and snacking, I’m eager to embrace this concept gastronomically, but it applies perfectly well to other areas of my life as well: clutter, commitments, obligations, expenditure, projects, words, ideas, hobbies, frills, and so forth! The only pursuit in which I shouldn’t hoist the flag of “less” is exercise, and that’s because “less is more” is pretty much my lifelong habit there: less exercise, more weight. ;b

While I was at my parents’ house I played with some new watercolor paper and the paints I brought with me (my first time travelling with them — and I’m so glad I did bring them), and made a rough wreath of leaves that I used as the border for my 2011 resolution:

2011 Resolution

Less Is More, 6" x 8"

After I finished the painting, it occurred to me that the tri-color lettering and the elaborate leaf wreath kind of contradict the “less is more” message. Do I care? No, I don’t! My life is made up of a “less is more” philosophy fighting with expressions of “more” — so it’s perfectly appropriate that my visual interpretation of my resolution does the same!

It’s a weird resolution because it’s not specific and it’s not always applicable, but it will remind me to let things go and not take on too much. If I can do that in 2011, I’ll avoid so much of what burdened me in 2010, and have more time and energy for what matters.