Open Mic Friday! laughs edition

Welcome, darlings, to Open Mic Friday! No guest post today, but I could use a good laugh, so let’s share those for the weekend. (And if you missed Tina’s guest post last month, that should get you smiling!)

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon my old LiveJournal posts tagged with “non sequitur,” and some of them made me laugh until I almost cried. It’s strange what remains constant, isn’t it? In third grade we had a class practice that everyone would write and draw a card whenever it was someone’s birthday. On my birthday I received  thirty-odd cards and was surprised that many of them referred to me in the third (instead of the second) person. Years later I revisited these cards and noted that they all said the same thing, summed up most concisely by John S’s message: “Lisa is smart. She is nice. She is some time funny.” Every now and then I think about that card and nod. That pretty much sums it up. I’m smart. I’m nice. And sometimes I’m funny. If you’re not sure about that, read my “non sequitur” posts and see what you think.

Erik and I have been watching a lot of That Mitchell and Webb Look, a British TV sketch comedy series. I’ve enjoyed the complete episodes, but these are a few of my favorite sketches:

And while we’re on the topic of British humor, if you’re not already familiar with the work of Eddie Izzard (several f-bombs ahead!):

I hope you’re at least smiling now, if not outright guffawing! How about you? What are your favorite jokes, funny videos, or stories? Share in the comments!


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