Monday Art: Regrouping after FabMo

If you haven’t checked out Niki Escobar’s Friday guest post, give it a look!

Hair ornaments & brooches

Price sign from Saturday's show

Saturday’s FabMo show went really well. I had tons of fun and talked to many lovely people, and got continually inspired by all the gorgeous work everyone had done with repurposed materials. And I got to sell my creations mere feet away from a Hockney; how cool is that?! I’ll write more about the show on Wednesday’s Craft entry, but for now, suffice to say: it was a blast.

As you know if you’ve been reading this blog regularly, I’ve been sick, and I see now that this is one of those ailments that fades away only very slowly. I think I’ve been officially “better” since Saturday (thank goodness — I had plenty of energy for the show!), but I still feel much fuzzier and less robust than usual. By eight o’clock the night of the FabMo show, I could barely keep my head up, and on the following afternoon I sat down for a “little rest” and ended up napping for nearly five hours. I rarely ever nap, so I was shocked to discover just how long I’d slept! But it was good. I was at my parents’ house, and my lazy day with them of a nap bookended by a farmers’ market jaunt and a Shanghainese dinner was just what I needed.



Price sign from the FabMo show

Now that FabMoTAB is over, I find myself feeling pleasantly light and free of responsibility. Originally I meant to use November for NaNoWriMo, but I’ve decided not to further dilute my family history work, so I’m in the enjoyable position of having only one major project on my plate. You all know how completely novel this is for me! I’m really looking forward to beginning on the history, but for now I’m going to just take it easy for a week or two. I’d like to jump into the history with all other loose ends tied up, so first I’ll list all my FabMo inventory in the shop, clean the house and declutter my closet, rest, exercise, and cook, and then get going in earnest on the family history around the second week of November. You heard it here first. If you’re not reading regular family-history updates on this blog by then, nag me! πŸ˜‰



Zip pouches

Zip pouches

In other art news, I just found out this morning that the Bay Area Models Guild is sponsoring publication of a book of artwork created with BAMG models. Inclusion in the book will be juried. I’ve never entered any kind of juried art event, but I’m thinking of sending in some of my drawings. I’m allowed up to three entries. My top contenders are these three sketches, so I’ll either send all of them or choose among them. Which are your favorites?

And now… back to editing the hundreds of photos I took this afternoon for my Etsy listings. Whew!