Monday Art: Signage for Saturday’s show

Wrist Rests sign

Watercolor and calligraphy

Several months ago, I decided I wanted to use watercolors in my display for Saturday’s FabMo show. At that time, I thought I would use portraits to highlight the hair ornaments, but since then I’ve given up on that idea. I still think it’s a lovely idea, I just don’t have time to do all the portraits and find frames for them; anyway, I’m no longer sure my display table will afford that much space. So I’m doing much smaller watercolors instead, just as signage (and you know how much I fret over signage…!).

Last week I was sickish through Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday I started feeling bleh indeed (as evidenced by my neglect of Thursday’s Writing post — I only published one on Friday because I’d written it in advance!). I found myself dizzy, congested, and unable to do much more than sit around  playing easy computer games. So I pretty much gave up the workweek up for lost. But then, late Friday afternoon, I started feeling a little hankering for my paints and brushes, and thought I’d give that watercolored signage a go.

Yoga Mat Tote sign

Sign illustrating use of yoga mat totes

I pulled out a sheet of that fancy handmade Arches paper I’m loving so much, tore it up into smaller pieces (about 6″ x 8″), and began sketching. I knew I wanted to show the items in use, so I tried out different ways of doing that. The wrist rest was the trickiest, but I finally settled on a view from above (all the side views, or angled side views, came out looking bizarre). After I had the pencil drawings down, I went over them with watercolor, and after those had dried completely, I added the calligraphy. I’ll add prices too, but I always procrastinate on deciding those, so that probably won’t happen till the day before the show (which is in four days! eep!).

Eye Pillows sign

I hope this looks peaceful!

I’m pleased with how these signs came out; I like their soft, appealing look and the elegance of the calligraphy. I think they’ll help my table to stand out from among the many at the show, and be fun conversation pieces as well. And they’re good practice! I still need to make several more, including one for the new shoulder bags, one for the zip pouches, and one for the hair ornaments. I think I’ll do a table mockup for I start on those, so I can decide whether to vary the size (or shape) of the signage.

There’s a good bit to do before Saturday, and I’m still a little sick, but it’s all good.