Wednesday Craft: I’ll need to ramp it up a bit

Now that the Hedgebrook residency app is behind me, it’s time to focus on crafting. The FabMo show happens in less than a month (just over three weeks, in fact). While I have enough unsold Etsy inventory to fill a table (rather sparsely, it must be admitted), that wouldn’t be much fun nor give me much pride in the showing. But I find myself reluctant to get going. Maybe it’s because we’ve been in a heat wave this week, maybe it’s because I’m on my period, maybe I’m just having trouble switching gears after so much intensive writing and drawing-painting. Whatever the reason, most of my FabMo projects require all my creative energy, and I didn’t feel like doing them today.

Mini pouches

Mini pouches waiting for their ribbon drawstrings

Instead, I decluttered my office, updated a few pages on my website, and went to the gym and the grocery store. By the time I finally got to the craft table, I looked and it and realized there are projects I must get through before I can use the table for anything else! First off, there was a stack of rectangular scraps all ready and waiting to be made into mini pouches. I sewed eight of those and now they just need their drawstrings inserted. I’ve still got scraps enough for several more of these pouches, so I’ll work on those next time, and then I can start on yoga totes or something else.

Rags by Sock Monkey recycled tee

One of Molly Kay's cute upcycled creations

In other news, while I was immersed in the Hedgebrook app last week, Molly Kay of the Rags by Sock Monkey blog contacted me, and now one of my eye pillows is featured in a sweet collection of Eco-friendly Travel Product Picks! It’s in fantastic company, and I love the embellished recycled clothing in the Rags by Sock Monkey Etsy shop as well (a shirt from her old Etsy shop — which she’s migrating over to the Rags one — is shown at right). I hope you’ll check out her shop and the travel feature on her blog!

Tonight, the weather is finally cooling down again to September-appropriate crispness, and I’m wearing a shawl and loving the breeze from my window. It’ll feel good to get back to work after those two steamy-hot days!